[Alchemy Stars] Overall Review & First Impressions of Alchemy Stars

So this is my 2nd Time trying to make a review. So sorry if its not that great. I mostly went in blind so sorry if I miss a few things. I have played [Alchemy Stars] for 3 Days which I feel is a fair amount of time to judge a first impressions

[Alchemy Stars] Comprehensive FAQ

1. Accounts: 2. Client and Settings: 3. Currency, Gacha, and Rewards: 4. Gameplay Basics:

[Alchemy Stars] Comprehensive Units Guide & Rewards

In Alchemy Stars you will need a 3* or 4* Aurorian Support to clear specific Stages and Content, which helps you to fulfill certain conditions, to counter a Boss Mechanic or to clear farming stages more efficiently.

[Alchemy Stars] Newbie Guide: Introduction and Basics

Alchemy Stars is set in the world of Astra, a world engulfed in both Light and Dark. You take control of a young Caelestite, a supposedly extinct race, trapped underground with your Colossus. Until the day you meet Vice, forever changing your world.

[Alchemy Stars] Reroll & Progression Guide | Tier List

The first step to this game is actually selecting which client and which server you want to play on. We have two clients, one solely for the US server and a Global Client that will include the Global, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia server. The game's language is based on the language of your device, not the server, and will include English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

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