[Flipped in Love] Newbie Intro & Brief Game Guide

Without any major spoilers, [] is about a popular actress who is murdered, by who I have no idea!! There are 4 guys and they are all related to the story, I haven’t done a lot of the story yet so I’m not sure to what extent the romance goes. I don’t think it’s very similar to MLQC in terms of game mechanics, maybe a tiny bit as you can give gifts and get text messages… I think the only similarity is that there are 4 guys.. and one of them is a CEO, another a celebrity but that’s so common! I’ve actually played a few other Chinese games which are much more similar if not exactly the same! 😂

There are 4 different main types of currency, diamonds, coins, experience (book icon) which is needed to upgrade your partners and stamina (lightening icon) which is needed to fight against rivals. You can get these from the Work button and also when you complete the Daily Missions!

In each chapter, there are 10 sections which consist of Plot Levels, Dress Up Levels and Assist Levels.

The Dress Up Level is easy enough to pass, it just requires a certain total score which you get by choosing clothes that have the same tag. (The Wish heading found in the city is where you can pull for more clothes, it it basically a gacha?) You also get clothes for levelling and passing the sections.

The Assist Level comes at the end and is to do with your partner levels. Hm, as you slowly rank up in the game, more powerful partners are unlocked! Rather than focus fully on one partner, I would say to spread out your experience amongst your most powerful, however that is one of the Main Tasks you get so you’ll be doing that anyway! 😂

Now PLOT LEVELS!!! I hate them!! They require energy/stamina! IMO, energy is the most important! These Levels come so often and they are so annoying because you can only do like 1/2 sections of the story before it’s back! 💀

Thinking about that, I would say that there are 2 ways you could essentially play this game/ read the story.

Method 1: I’m playing this way right now, but I will probably change to Method 2 eventually… I just enjoy the story too much, it’s actually really good! This is to just save enough energy to pass the level and then read a section and then grind and then read a section.

Method 2: You could… (once you can do most of the Dailies) save up for a couple of weeks which could then allow you to read much more in one sitting. The choice is yours to make! 🤷‍♀️

Hm, so far the events I’m seeing don’t really have any specific items that you can save up that aren’t particular to THAT event. Meaning they are just temporary for that event. Certain events are for real life money/top up only —- the ones with the spinning wheel.

Other events are more based around ranking, I think you use gems so maybe save up those! I think it’s like the higher you rank, the higher rewards you get. (I just know there are people who spend big bucks because it’s a cross server ranking!) There are also outfits events BUT most of the clothing items are exclusive to VIP so… However, you do get rewards, just not as many! 😶

Haha, yes there are actually options you can pick! For example, you can be rude to the mean characters (so satisfying) or closed off to even the main boys! And I’m pretty sure you get a different response although I can’t exactly check that! 😅 One thing I haven’t exactly paid the most attention to is if the response actually changes intimacy levels or has an effect, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t and the game essentially has the same outcome in the end, however you do get a different response!

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