[Epic Seven] Newbie Guide (Summon/Gear/Artifacts/Units)

I think [] is a great game and I’ve been lurking and participating in the daily question thread for a bit. Here’s my attempt at passing that back up to the community.

Selective Summon:

Five main routes as of 3/25. I ordered them for amount of sanity cost vs payout.

  • Spin for and stop at the first 5* hero you see.
    • I have played a lot of Gatcha games and this is my highest suggestion. Re-rolling is no fun and this will keep your sanity in check as well as letting you play through the main fun part of game easily.
    • You do not need anything the game does not provide in order to complete all content.
    • Realistically most people don’t play a specific game for more than a month at a time, don’t waste the first few days mindlessly growing a grudge against RNG.
  • Spin for Angelica, take whatever else. Angelica + most combination of units will clear all endgame content at the time.
  • Spin and stop at the first 5* hero with 4* anything. Much more likely than you’d think as long as you’re not picky, I went this route. You just get more stuff, and will likely come sooner than Angelica.
  • Spin for Angelica, re-roll for any 5* with her. Hilariously unlikely, but best start in game.
  • Spin for any of the above starts, beat the game, spin on crazy person lottery with gold transmit stones for 5 star from a different rare unit pool, re-roll from there. Not recommended for humans, our lifespans are precious, don’t waste your life here.

Playing the Game:

  • For speedy progression: Push to beat the game unlocking as many upgrades to your base as possible.
    • Do labs daily.
    • Do abyss daily until you can’t.
    • Join a guild asap!
    • Make as many rank 60 friends via reddit as possible! (And use them to solo clear or farm harder content.)
    • Decide on your favorite four units to take on the world. Only work on these core four and avoid other units until they have maxed out their initial gear, hit 6*’s, and max leveled.
      • Caveat: You may abandon any of your core four for a new shiny unit that you pull of course, but be aware of the time cost to bring the unit up to speed, where you could have been pushing new content.
      • With that in mind, do summon a bit when you start, to ensure you’re happy with your core four as to optimize your time spent!
  • Ultimately the main goal of the game is to clear all of the Hunt 11’s, clear all 90 floors of abyss, and clear raid on hell difficulty.

Facts that you want to know about gearing up:

Guaranteed Gear – CabbageCZ

This topic really warrants a megaphonethe guaranteed gear will be what gets you through a lot of the progression hurdles.

  • Labyrinth guaranteed items (look them up; they’ll likely get your first DPS into the 40K-50K range).
  • Abyss sets – There are 3 sets of Abyss Lifesteal sets, with incredible all attack right side attack stats.
  • Arena sets – There was a set of gear you use to be able to buy with Conquest points, but have rotated out. The next Arena set is coming in the next season.


Main Gear

Only upgrade red gear you find in abyss and lab for quite a long time (a month+). Use your resources wisely!

  • Your power level/stats is mostly determined by your hero level and your right side gear, ie necklace, boots, ring. This is because this gear can instead of having a flat stat, have a % boost to your overall stats. Higher level gear can raise for example your base attack stat by 60%. That’s nutty large an amount. Thus, sell ALL gear on right side that has flat main stat (except boots with speed).
  • All gear has substats. Try to be picky and invest only in gear that does not have flat stats (except for speed).
  • It can be safe to say that speed is the best stat for every unit. In rare min max situation you can disprove this statement, but realistically, you can really bank on speed to solve virtually any problem in this game. For a measure: +14-17 speed is extremely powerful.
  • Charms save money, but grey and green gear can be used at a loss to gear up faster. You want your core team to be +12’d out asap.

+12/+15 Your Right-Side Gear – CabbageCZ

A gear’s +15 main-stat value is 5x the +0 value. It starts slow, but at higher ranks it jumps by a lot.

The difference between a +10 piece of gear and a +15 piece of gear is massive. Just the last few ranks make a huge difference, most of the power is in the last ranks. Prioritize +12, +15 on the top right side gear you have ASAP, it’s a huge boost in power.

Sidenote: you should be watching the secret shop for jewelry/boots like a hawk when you unlock lv70/85 gear. The first +50/60% ATK or +50/60% HP gear will be a great power spike for your main healer/tank/DPS.


Artifacts are typically class specific gear that can drastically change how a unit functions. For the most part keep one of every artifact. You can find exceptions by searching reddit.

  • Many characters have artifacts that really define the characters power level.
  • There are many artifacts that specifically shine in PvE or , some are just well rounded choices for all game modes.
  • I’ve listed some strong artifacts in the following lists to give you an idea what traits are regarded as strong in this game. There are many artifact analysis on single artifacts that span the length of this entire guide! Thus, please excuse the brevity of the following lists.

The Best 3 Star Artifacts: Daydream Joker (god tier PvE), Candlestick, Tonfa, Sheath. All of these are good even in endgame.

  • Feel free to sell everything else. 3 star artifacts are hilariously common and you’ll get back whatever you need in short order.
  • There are a few jank 3*’s specifically used to handle certain hunt 11 mechanics, they include Egg, and Envoy.

The Best 4 Star Artifacts:

  • Borderline OP: Aurius (knight), Wondrous Potion Vial (Soul Weaver).
  • Also among the best: Rosa Hargana, Dust Devil, Infinity Basket, Hell Cutter, and Hilag Lance.
    • These are great, the power level of Aurius and Wonderous Potion Vial are through the roof great.

The Best 5 Star Artifacts: Anything Soul Weaver. Rhianna & Luciella (Thief) best in slot almost all of the time. Uberius’s Tooth (). Song of Stars (Ranger) .

  • Most 5 stars have unique effects and are rare to see. Don’t dust them in general unless you have dupes, and even then, ask on reddit!

Again, I repeat that I don’t feel that I’m doing the artifacts justice, all the while, my lists above are all sorts of hand waving magic. My suggestion would be taking some time and read the text on each artifact you own to really get the most out of your setups.


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