[Dragon Quest Tact] 6-month anniversary Event Summary


The most exciting event to celebrate has finally arrived, the halfway mark towards the first year, the 6th month anniversary! Filled with all kinds of goodies and freebies, everyone will find their joy in this week of celebration towards the date mark of the 27th July, and continuesly celebrate it until the 15th/16th of August!*


Packed with all kinds of activity boosts and free gifts, there are a few points standing out the most to be talked about. The first and what the most might be excited about are, are the Banners for this celebration. The featured star is no one else than Estark! Accompanied by the fearsome Black Dragon. As well as two other Banners, but that’s for later!

Furthermore, there will be many different things being looked into, stay tuned!

Main event: 10 Big Campaigns

What a weird title, but it says exactly what it stands for. This is a summary about the things happening in this celebration! There are **TEN** big main points to be adressed firstly. What those might be?

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1. 6th Month Anniversary Quest

As with the Download Celebrations, there is a Quest Stage that you can clear to be rewarded with 1000 gems!

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2. 6th Month Anniversary SP Scout

As mentioned before, the star guests are Estark and Black Dragon, but there is more! Two 6th Month Anniversary banners, which are holding EVERY GACHAcharacter, from Killing Machine to Party Animal Juliante! One Banner is to redeem your log-in tickets, and another for your gems that holds special stamps!

**Note**: Every day you get a login banner ticket for a free multi in 6th Month Anniversary Banner. (10 tickets for 100 free pulls)

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3. 6th Month Anniversary Missions

Throughout the event time, there will be special Event Missions that reward all kinds of goodies, most notable 3000 gems!

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4. 6th Month Anniversary Swap Shop

This Event Shop is crammed to the smallest corner with tons of good things to get! Be it your standard Iridescent Orb or Illustrious Iris, or very useful Ability Scrolls! All kinds of Family Fragments up to ten pieces each, or are you in need of emergency Rank Up materials? Whatever your heart desires!

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5. Fiendish Onslaught Battle

A magnificant way to test your strength: Challenge the true bosses of the latest main events, reclaim their weapons and proof your worth! This is stamina free, fight how often you want! The Rewards are one time, obviously.

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6. Even More Quest Rewards

More Quest Rewards! Have you been in need of better Rank up drops? Or how about you were lacking a chunk of Ability Tomes? Well now’s the time! Rank Up Quests have doubled loot! And Tomes are worth half more! And to top it all off, half more increased gold and exp rewards!

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7. 6th Month Anniversary Training Aid Set

There are Bundle options for Paid Gems to help out, if you are a spender yet or can afford them. Three beginner sets that have 1 S rank and 1 A rank in them, for around 10 to 11 bucks each, as well as a more costly bundle containing most notably 2 Iridescent Orbs.

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8. 6th Month Anniversary Login Bonus

A lovely addition to all the attraction, 300 gems per day for a whole week!

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9. Arena Special Rules

Get ready to rumble, as Arena gets more chaotic than ever! Week 14 of Arena will have no Weight Limitations, as well as doubles your Arena Coins that you get per match and rank up (not final result)!

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10. Coming Soon! … ?

What a mystery! What more will be coming?!

Thanks to u/Shichio_Katage for the bulletpoint & /u/malnecesario for compiling it, feel free to check out the Dragon Quest Tact subreddit if you want to learn more about the game and the current event!


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