[Counter:Side] Squad Composition Guide – How to make an effective squad?

Part 3. Cost management, etc

1. Costs and their job

It’s not always like below explanations, but it’s common points you can think of from cost

5+ Costs: The core character in your squad, who works as best dealer

(Awakened characters are not released in SEA yet, All awakened characters are 6 costs)

4 Costs: Main dealer in your squad. One~three 4+ costs character is enough for early games

(Janus and Edel Meitner are not released in SEA yet)

3 Costs: Core dealers, supporter, debuffer. Good help to main dealer

(Ifrit [tank] is not released in SEA yet)

2 Costs: Sub dealer, Sub tanker, Speeding up your deck circulation

Sometimes there are good 2 costs such as Old Admin Gunner, Old Admin Defender, Ein & Zwei
(They are not in SEA)

alright, let’s begin the game

but wait, when i use supporters then?


2. Supporters you can use in early stage

you can use 1 or 2 supporters into dealer position, but in early stage, it’s better to take dealer more, ofc, supporters are import in later stage of game, so it’s you own decision to raise them or not

Claudia Nelson is R rank and easy to get raised and also easy 110 lv capable, every skills are concentrated to heal, so one of top healer in game

arius esquede is SR heal supporter. you can farm her when ep 5 is updated,she does not just only heal, but gives shields

yang harim is SSR heal supporter you can get from gacha

heal is only on ultimate skill, but she can give you faster skill charge (40%)

in , fast skill charge = more deal

nanahira chinatsu is another heal supporter you can get from gacha

while claudia and arius heals when they are released to field,

chinatsu give your characters ‘damage reduce’, making your squad more stable

Also, Evelyn is a great supporter you can get.

she is also a healer, but she also gives damage to enemies and buff your squad



Now I want to play the game!

anyway it’s basically composite like

tank / deal / deal / deal

* yes *

alright, i’m going to play game now


* miya bye *

Author: Nira
Source: Discord


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