[Counter:Side] Squad Composition Guide – How to make an effective squad?

What is Fusion Core?

You need fusion cores to limit break from Lv 100Each limit break extends Lv by 2
100 -> 102 -> 104 -> 106 -> 108 -> 110

Each limit break needs 15 Fusion cores for SSR, but they can be exchanged with duplicates

and no fusion core needed with 3 dupes

what the hell is that all…


Don’t worry. Fusion is like end contents, and you can transfer soldier/mech cores into counter cores from Workshop

So, can I start to composite my squad?

Part 2. Squad composition (Basics)


1. Attack types

Basically, there are 3 attack types in

  • Ground Attack: Only attacks ground enemies
  • Air Attack: Only attacks air enemies
  • ALL: Attacks both ground and air

but, certain characters (such as Awakened Yoo Mina) are Ground Attack types but can take damage to air enemies (Don’t think of it… Just forget for now)

* Hmmmmm *

Click on Unit Formation on squad screen and check whether you can deal with all types of enemies

Always get ready for air enemies, otherwise you are damned

* sorry *

2. The most basic composition: Tank / Deal / Deal / Deal

first, take your main tanker first, and then 3 dealers

when main tanker is in danger, use sub tanker to keep line and use more dealers

oh, it looks simple and easy


for example, let’s take rin as main dealer, and let’s make a squad

let’s add tanks.

as we are in early stage of game, let’s use hound and irie, they are easy to raise, good and efficient R rank defenders

and let’s add dealers

now it works

so, can I use any dealers?

Think of attack types I mentioned earlier

* my first squad completed *

Actually, starting cost is 10, so you can use anyone front

I have only 5 costs at the start of battle, why is that?

That’s bcz you have only 1 star on your ship

you can get higher starting cost with your ship’s stars

★☆☆☆☆☆ : start cost 5
★★☆☆☆☆ : start cost 6
★★★☆☆☆ : start cost 7
★★★★☆☆ : start cost 8
★★★★★☆ : start cost 9
★★★★★★ : start cost 10


So, if you have full 10 costs, you can make all front 4 characters released on field at the start of battle

Then, how should I upgrade my ship? Is it a must?

go to dive and get upgrade materials

Is it ok to upgrade my basic ?

not for coffin

(Please check #guides and # on discord)

as you can get Gleipnir while progressing game, keep it raised

So i can go with that car (Undercontrol)

⇒ Yes, Undercontrol is a good N ranked cruiser ship until you get Kamiizumi.

You don’t need to construct other N and R ranked cruisers

ok ok, why there’s lots of things i need to know to make a squad?

Actually it’s not end yet

Let’s take more look at cost management


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