[Counter:Side] Squad Composition Guide – How to make an effective squad?

Original Article 1: https://arca.live/b/counterside/8378555 (written at 2020/10/04)
Original Article 2: https://arca.live/b/counterside/26505993 (written at 2021/05/19)
I mixed up these 2 articles (from original author’s request)

This article is made by 꿀때지 (honey pig), all copyrights owned by him

This article includes
Well-known mistakes you can do in early stage
How to composite squad
Core and Fusion core
Effective cost management
Supporters explained

Let’s talk about how to composite your squad

Part 1. Well-known mistakes newbies can do

I made my 1st squad, is it ok?

* slap *

the answer is ‘NO’

you made 3 mistakes

But why did you slap me?

Let’s find out what you have done wrong here

1. Too much cost in your squad

First of all, it’s too heavy in cost, as is line battle, it is better to take more units than taking one powerful unit, if you have enough spec, it does not matter. otherwise, you will be destroyed easily. (Your prior character can’t stand before you release next character)


Check your average cost from squad screen

ok, i got it.

 So, do I need to use cost 2 or 3 characters?

* yes *

alright, let’s go to create my sq….

2. Use characters with low specs

Second, You used low spec characters

I thought they were the main heroines (and also girls) but are they bad?

think of what you can do more valuable with 8 costs

(NOTE: Hilde is a cost 3 character now, and ofc she can be used later in certain contents)

i’m not shitty character (T_T)

anyway, it takes more cost but they have bad specs?

* yes *

Alright, then what’s the last mistake I made?

3. Too many SSRs during early stage of game

Last, you took too many SSRs at the same time

Why? Isn’t it better to raise high ranks? Why is it a mistake?

Cores and limit break matters

If you take too many SSRs in early stage, you will eventually become shortage of cores, these cores are hard to get when you are in the early stage of the game.


Use recommended N and R characters

They are…

  • Easy to raise
  • Easy to get
  • ↑ so, duplicates can be used to limit break
  • You can make your character pool more richer easily

(Please check #guides channel in discord, which have raise-able N and R characters)

Can I use dupes for limit break?

Don’t use dupes for SR and SSR(Please check #guides and # in discord)

N and R rank -> use dupes to limit break (They can be earned easily)

SR and SSR rank -> don’t use dupes until lv 100. you can use them after 100 limit break (instead of Fusion Cores)