[Counter:Side] Guide, where should I use them?

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(Written at 2021/04/15, Last Update: 2021/05/21)
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TL;DR / Priority

  1. Event – get more rewards
  2. Main – to open upper contents
  3. Side Story – until you get all side only characters
  4. Supply – when you did all 1~3 but you have Eterniums left (check more details below)


1. Main Story

as certain upper contents have unlock conditions with higher main story clears, go for main story

2. Side Story

go for side story to get all of them (at least one of them)

you can get pieces or whole character

(you can get character with very low chance)

3. Supply Operation

– Riot Suppression: 1-6 (get red skill book)

 Note: SEA does not have 1-6 yet 

– Investigation Activities: Skip.. no efficiency in there. just get 3 stars rewards


– Talent Recruitment: Go for shards of characters you don’t have.

– Priority: Kim Sobin, Rin Xien, Evelyn, Sylvia

– Military Support Acquisition: you can get high ranked molds from 1-4

– Covert ops: go for ‘info (1-1, 1-3)’ or ‘tuning binary (1-4, 1-6)’

4. Events (when it runs)

– You can get clear bonus rewards in missions, fast rerun, credit bonus

– Don’t forget to exchange event currency into item from shop

Author: Nira
Source: Discord