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(Written at 2021/1/6, Last Update: 2021/05/21)

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This [] Guide contains
How to equip item
Which options should I look at
How to play raid


  1. Set option <- Most important
  2. Cooldown (= Skill haste) <- The best option
  3. Shadow Hall set for dealer, Raid set for Tank and Supports

How to equip items?

Go Menu – Management – Select you character

and you can set items

One Weapon / One Armor / Two Accessory (last one unlocks at full stars (limit break))

How to read options?

Equip Rank: Background color / N R SR SSR, some set options are only available for SR and SSR (장비 등급)

Equip Tier: T1~T6, Higher tier = more basic stat (장비 티어)

Equip Upgrade: +1~+10 (maximum), +5 recommended (You will go +10 at last, but +6~+10 has lack of efficiency) (장비 강화수치)


– Fixed Option: these options are fixed for which part the item used (such as Atk for weapon)


– Changeable Option (변경가능 옵션)

  • Some items have 1 fixed, 1 changeable option, and other have 2 changeable options

– Set Option: If you equip items with same set options, you can get very high stat upgrades (most important) (세트옵션)

Sometimes you need to use lower tier equipments to make set option activated

Priority in options

1st: Set option

Be sure to make them activated

You need to composite 2 or 4 items of same options

2nd: Changeable option

these options differ to equipments, but normally Ground atk up, Ground dmg resist, Cooldown are considered important


3rd: Rank and Tier

Type of equipments

Normal equips (Dante, Alex, Bronze, Silver, Hammington series)

  • You can get them by crafting or item drop
  • Use: HP, EVA, Cooldown set and take empty slot

Raid equips (Superconducting series)

  • You can get molds by purchasing raid point from shop, and then craft
  • 1st option is fixed with critical dmg
  • Use: HP, EVA, Cooldown set and take empty slot

Shadow Hall equips (Spectral series)

  • You can get molds by purchasing shadow point from shop, and then craft (Shadow hall is not in SEA yet)
  • These equips have different set options and sub options with others
  • Use: currently (as of Jan 2021) dealer’s best equipments

Season equips (Maze, Gordius, Hummingbird series)

  • The best equipments you can get from contents (Gauntlets, Events, Support battles)
  • Maze: Fixed option with ground atk up and ground dmg resist
  • Gordius: Fixed option with long distanced dmg resist
  • Hummingbird: 1st option: long distance / short distance dmg resist, or just dmg resist

Maze set

Character-only equipment

you can get them from counter case (Open all #5 cases, need lv 100)

Set options

Maze hands(weapon) with Cooldown set option

There are lots of options but usage are limited

And note that 4 set options are only available in SR and SSR

  • ATK (2): Commonly ok, until spectral set comes out
  • DEF (2) / HP (2): For tanks
  • EVA (2): viable for characters with high eva by default, such as Lee Yumi or Na Yubin (Awakened)
  • CRIT DMG (4): Rin can use it (she has 100% crit in Passive skill Lv 5)
    (NOTE: CRIT DMG and CRIT are different option)
  • ASPD (Attack Speed) (4): Alex, Yoo Mina (Awakened)
    but Yoo Mina (Awakened) uses Spectral Blaze set recently
  • Cooldown (4): Everyone uses it

Spectral case with Spectral set option


Spectral set option

Obtainable from shadow hall, Also 4 set options are only available in SR and SSR

  • Spectral Bullet (2): ATK+HIT / Best options
  • Spectral Gear (2): ATK+EVA / Better than ATK set
  • Spectral Chain (2): ATK+CRI / can be used with Spectral Bullet
  • Spectral Smite (4): ATK+CRIT DMG / not good not bad
  • Spectral Blaze (4): ATK+ASPD / Good synergy with who has good passive with normal hit
  • Spectral Spirit (4): ATK+Cooldown / Best 4 set option set among Spectral

Other set options

  • Anti-Striker, Anti-Defender, Anti-Ranger, Anti-Sniper, Anti-Siege, Anti-Supporter, Anti-Tower, CRIT

Recommended Set

Dealer: Spectral Bullet/Chain, Cooldown or Spectral Spirit, Spectral Blaze

Tank: HP, DEF

Supports: Cooldown

How to get equipments

  • Normal set: Just get from drop. They uses same materials of spectral set to craft
  • Raid set: Keep try raid, 0% dmg on own or friend’s raid also works
  • Shadow Hall set: Keep try shadow hall, and buy 75% discounted mold on shop
  • Season equip set: Keep on each contents (Gauntlets, Events, etc)
  • Character only item: Make lv 100 and go to counter case

Recommended Sub options

  • Weapons: Ground dmg, Cooldown (Maze)
  • Armors: Ground dmg resist, Cooldown (Maze)
  • Sub: Ground dmg, Cooldown (Maze)

and you can use variable options following meta
like vsRanger dmg res or vsStriker dmg up, etc

Raid 0% and 100%?

▲ as you can see here, everyone has 0 dmg here

You can always get maximum reward from your own raid

So, just call help request and save your info

When you try other’s raid,

Do 0%: just get-in and exit right away (you can exit with pause)

Do 100%: kill raid boss

That’s because raid rewards are like below,

Raid boss rewards

  1. Who discovered
  2. Max damaged dealer
  3. Others

1 and 2 has same highest reward

3 has other rewards

so, if someone just did 51% of damage, other users need to do 49% of the damage with less reward. It makes users don’t participate in that raid and it fails.

Author: Nira
Source: Discord