[Counter:Side] Comprehensive Employee Ratings & Stats Guide


What makes this guide different from all the other tier lists floating around?

It’s based on the current META on SEA server of the game, which is 1.5 years behind KR version and 6 months behind TW. Since we don’t have access to many characters, whose best at what will differ. But please note, it’s not worth chasing an unit that’s good now, but will become meh later down the line (unless you’re a whale, then just do what you want).

How often will this guide be updated?

Even on daily basis if a shift in META appears, but mostly after patches that introduce new characters or buff/nerf someone.

How does the work?

In the first iteration of the guide I’ve used the D-SS system, but it has it flaws – the biggest one if you have two characters with let’s say S ratings, how to show which one is better? This is why I’ve switched to 1-10 scale. Each character will get 1-10 score in four categories (Ranked /Strategy /PVE/RAID), and those will averaged for the total score. The Ranked PVP will have more value than the others, while Strategy PVP will have less value than the others.

The numbers are explained in the Glossary tab.

Why do you recommend 4-piece sets on nearly all characters? They’re super hard to get!

True, but the previous iteration of the guide provided alternatives, but some people found it hard to read or questioned the suggestions. This is why before you level a character to 70 and unlock the fourth slot, you will just use one HP set on tanks/healers and ATK for attackers. After that just double down on HP or ATK – or in some cases add CRIT chance into the mix.

Where do you get unique weapons and gears?

They are obtained by raising certain characters to max level, and opening their Counter Case. Last tier should reward you their unique gears.

What does future proof mean?

Since the SEA version is 1.5 years behind KR, we have access to tons of knowledge about how things will look like months ahead. Characters that are still popular/good in KR nowadays received the tag, and they’re worth investing your resources in the long run.

How does crit work?

Crit follows a simple formula: crit/(crit + 1000) X 100% where crit is the number you see on your character sheet. The way it works it’s never possible to hit 100% crit, but you can still scale it well. For example 1000 crit is 50% chance to make a critical attack.

Why do you say Esterosa will fall off? She is so strong!

There are three reasons:

  • first, her cost. Later there will be units released that fill her roll (a bruiser) and they are on par, if not stronger than her, but only cost 2/3 to summon.
  • two, barrier removers. It’s the barrier that makes her tanky, but tons of future character will have barrier/buff removal build in their kit and without the barrier Este will lose like 50% of her effective HP.
  • third, she’s a selfish character. Barriers herself, an useless party buff, because it’s on deploy and you usually deploy her first so she buffs none, and no CC whatsoever.



NameRarityCostTypeAttack typePVERaidsRanked PVPStrategy PVPOverallSpecialitiesBest setSkill upgrade orderAvailabilityFuture proofNotes
Benedict ConstantineSR3CounterGround6.557.57.56.63CCHP+DEF4>3>2>1Talent RecruitmentNoCan be used if you don't have any other tanks, but for PVE it's better to farm Hound/Irie and use them instead.
Charlie RockwoodR2SoldierGround22222-HP+DEF3>2>1Side StoryNoBusiness card fodder
Choi GangsanN2CounterGround33333CCHP+DEF3>2>4>1-NoImplant fodder
Fione LowellR3CounterGround87767.13CC, Buffer, ETBHP+DEF3>2>4>1-YesA great starting tank.
Hirose AkiR2CounterGround76666.25-HP+DEF2>3>4>1-YesA bit worse than other cheap options, but she's still good starter tank
HoundR3MechGround96767.13CCHP+DEF/HP+HP3>2>1-YesA great starting tank, and even later tank-chan is often used in 3rd/4th teams to tackle harder content.
Irie AlfordR2CounterGround978.588.19CC, BufferHP+DEF2>3>4>1-YesA great starting tank, and even later she's often used in 3rd/4th teams to tackle harder content. She has also good synergy with Cindy and other strikers.
Kim ChulsooR3CounterGround11111-HP+DEF2>3>4>1-No"Nanomachines, son!" / Business card fodder
Lee DafoeN2CounterGround21111.25-HP+DEF3>2>4>1-NoImplant fodder
Lee YumiSSR3CounterGround1010101010DebufferHP+HP/EVA+HP HP+DEF2>3>4>1Current bannerYesA counter SSR who is not only an evade tank, but she also decreases accuracy and attack of her enemies. She is only inferior to Awakened Tanks that will appear in the future.
Ogami MasakiSR3CounterGround55444.5Debuffer, True DamageHP+DEF2>3>4>1GachaNoCan be used if you don't have any other tanks, but it's better to farm Hound/Irie and use them instead.
Ryan FerrierSR3CounterGround108999CC, DebufferHP+DEF2>3>4>1GachaYesCurrently best tank in the game. He's also well-known for his "Finger Lickin' Good"
ShieldmanN2SoldierGround76666.25-HP+DEF2>1-YesCheap N tank that even now has its uses
StrongholdSSR3SoldierAll767.57.57Buffer, RetributionHP+DEF4>3>2>1Gacha, SSR Selection TicketNo
Tommy the Die-hardR3SoldierGround43333.25Battery, SummonerHP+DEF2>3>1Side StoryNoBusiness card fodder


NameRarityCostTypeAttack typePVERaidsRanked PVPStrategy PVPOverallSpecialitiesBest setSkill upgrade orderAvailabilityFuture proofNotes
Liv AllenSR3CounterGround66686.25CC, DebufferCooldown Reduction2>3>4>1Talent RecruitmentNo
MA1 HMMWVR3MechAll33443.5CC, ETB, BufferHP+HP2>1-NoBusiness card fodder
Nanahara ChifuyuSSR3CounterGround10109.59.59.75CC, DebufferCooldown Reduction (pvp) A.Speed (raid or pvp)2>3>4>1Gacha, Re-rollingYesGood attacker with tankiness, and she's pretty cheap to deploy.
Nina AndersonN2CounterGround21111.25-Cooldown Reduction3>2>4>1-NoImplant fodder
Oh SaeromR2CounterGround54444.25ETBCooldown Reduction2>3>4>1-NoBusiness card fodder
OrcaSSR3CounterGround9676.57.19Offtank, RetributionCrit.Dmg (assassin) CDR (consistent DPS)2>3>4>1Side StoryNoWhile she is not top tier, it's worth farming her everyday because eventaully you will max her and she does the job in PVE mainly. Counter Case Employee, raise to level 100 to get rewards.
Park HyunsooR3CounterGround44333.5BufferCooldown Reduction2>4>3>1-NoBusiness card fodder
Roy BurnettSR3CounterGround89436.13Debuffer, OfftankCooldown Reduction2>4>3>1-YesGreat debuffer in harder pve/raid content
Supressor SoldierR3SoldierGround65334.25-A.Speed2>1-NoEasy to raise and does the job in the early stages of the game.
TerminatorSSR4SoldierGround9.59.5667.75CC, Debuffer, OfftankA.Speed3>4>2>1GachaYesGreat debuffer in harder pve/raid content
TitanSSR6MechGround758.57.57.13BatteryHP+HP2>4>3>1Gacha, SSR Selection TicketsYesHuge cost holds him back, but also he needs a few missing pieces (other characters and a ship) to shine. A part of future Mecha PVP team.
WoodpeckerN2MechGround76887.25-A.Speed2>1-YesGood counter to rangers like Kyle.
Zena BirdN2CounterGround21111.25-Cooldown Reduction3>4>2>1-NoImplant fodder


NameRarityCostTypeAttack typePVERaidsRanked PVPStrategy PVPOverallSpecialitiesBest setSkill upgrade orderAvailabilityFuture proofNotes
Amy StricklandR3CounterGround44333.5-Cooldown Reduction2>3>4>1-NoBusiness card fodder
BomiR2CounterGround66555.5CC, Debuffer, SummonerCooldown Reduction3>2>4>1-NoCounter Case Employee, raise to level 100 to get rewards.
ChariotR3MechAll22322.38CC, Buffer, ETBHP+HP2>1-NoBusiness card fodder
Cindy LooperR2CounterGround98888.25OfftankHP+HP3>2>4>1-YesGreat budget Striker who also can tank.
Eins & ZweiSSR2CounterGround10910109.75Offtank, CC, True DamageHP+HP Cooldown Reduction2>3>4>1Battle Pass 1YesA unique unit among counters, because there's two of them. If you manage to keep both alive, all their skills receive unique effects. Their low cost makes them one of the best striker/offtanks unit in the game.
Esterosa de ChevelierSSR5CounterGround86777Barrier, Debuffer, OfftankHP+HP2>3>4>1Gacha, SSR Selection Tickets, Re-RollingNoEste is the so called flavour of the month in PVP. She's very strong now, but soon when other characters that counter her will appear, she will fall in rating hard. Build her at your own risk.
EujinSR3CounterGround7687.57.19OfftankCooldown Reduction2>3>4>1-YesHigh evasion makes her a great offtank that also can do some damage. Counter Case Employee, raise to level 100 to get rewards.
HildeSR3CounterGround99., Buffer, OfftankCooldown Reduction HP+EVA (more defensive)2>3>4>1Provided by game at the startYesGreat buffer in raids, but she's also quite tanky and can surive in the frontline in PVP. Her knockback on basic attack is also very annoying. Counter Case Employee, raise to level 100 to get rewards.
Ingrid JohannaR2CounterGround449.556.19CC, ParatrooperCooldown Reduction ATK+Anti-Sniper (assassin)2>3>4>1-YesHer only job in PVP is to land in the backline and murder it.
Jake WalkerSR4CounterGround7.56.5777OfftankCooldown Reduction3>2>4>1-YesCan be used as offtank due to high evasion and health. He still does considerable damage, but is held back by his high cost.
Jane DoeSSR4SoldierGround886.567.19-A.Speed2>4>3>1Side StoryNoShe deals high damage, but is really squishy and doesn't stay alive for long.
Jessica GreenR3SoldierGround33333-A.Speed2>3>1Side StoryNoBusiness card fodder
Joo ShiyoungSSR3CounterGround9898.58.69CC, Debuffer, OfftankHP+EVA (pvp) A.Speed (pve or pvp)3>2>4>1-NoA counter to snipers and the killer of other frontliners. Due to her high evasion, she can perform the role of a offtank who also can dish tons of damage. She will be strong for some time, but later will be powercreeped.
Lin XienSR4CounterGround9107.578.44CC, BatteryCooldown Reduction4>2>3>1Talent RecruitmentYesResource battery. Best when fielded early in ride, so she can get rolling faster.