[Counter:Side] Comprehensive Beginner Guide & FAQ (SEA)

Hello, this is a [] Comprehensive Beginner Guide & . The guide will provide vital information for new players who want to start playing SEA, which launched on May 18th.

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Table of Contents

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What should New players prioritize?

New players should first focus on playing the main story, unlocking stages to reach episode 4 as soon as possible. Doing the main story first will unlock many of the useful auto-rerun stages and other systems. In addition, attention should be given to “Beginner Missions” because it will have many rewards. Beginner missions only last for 30 days; you must complete them before the timer runs out – do not miss them!

(Red Text) : You have only 30 days to complete it. If you finish the quests, you will get many good resources such as blue tickets and an SSR selector ticket! Once you complete all of the missions, you will get the selector ticket.

What are diamonds used for?

  1.  Unlocking Character Storage / Vehicle Storage / Equipment Storage / Unit Slots

Only increase the slots IF NEEDED. You shouldn’t need to use all your resources to increase the slots. Always manage the character storehouse and the storage of equipment that is not useful; if you keep managing the warehouse, it will not fill up. The recommended maximum number of storage for characters is 350-450; this should be enough to house your characters and farm smoothly without having to frequently clear your storage (If the storage is full, you will not be able to enter any stages. If you are farming on Auto and your storage fills up, your farm will be stopped on the next run. This is why the inventory needs to be settled first before setting an auto farm)

There should be at least four slots for ships since later content such as Dive requires a total of four ships. You will also want to send units to explore the world map, though, so the recommended number of ship slots is 6 for smooth play because while we send combat units to explore the world map, we won’t be able to send that ship into any other stages. Having six ship slots will help keep your farms flowing every day and make it so you do not have to sit and wait to complete the explorations.


  1. Buy the dungeon refresh ticket to do an extra daily dungeon. (Simulation Operation)

Daily Dungeon, or officially known as “Simulation Operation”, is a dungeon for various resources, such as cubes(resources used for limit breaking), skill book and exp books. Buying a daily dungeon ticket will make our progress go faster. You can only buy 5 dungeon reset tickets per day. The recommended amount to buy each day for F2P and new players is 1-2 tickets per day. The price increases by 30 diamonds as you buy more tickets, and the price resets daily. So it is highly recommended to buy 2 tickets daily. Buying 5 tickets every day is not recommended for F2P and light spenders, but you can buy more at your own discretion for more resources early on.

  1. Save to buy a black ticket to summon the gacha Awakening class.

In the future, there will be an update to add the Awakening class. You’ll have to use black tickets in order to summon these units. You cannot use normal summoning tickets to summon awakened units. These black tickets will cost 2750 diamonds for a pack of 220 tickets from the store (equivalent to 11 rolls, as each summon costs 20 black tickets). These tickets can only be bought once per week, so plan accordingly. You will need to summon 150 times in order to pity, but note that pity transfers across banners for awakening unit banners, but not for normal banners.

  1.  Buy daily ether packs.

(Red Text) Top : Buy 3 times per-day is enough, Bottom : Buy this pack everyday if you can during events

Daily Etherium Packs will give you 2000 pieces of Ethernium for the price of 50 diamonds, which can be purchased 3 times per day. When you buy the pack 3 times, the price will increase to 75 Diamonds, and when you buy 6 times, the price will be raised to 100. The price resets the next day. 

It is a very cost-effective pack. For F2P’s, it’s recommended to buy no more than 3 times a day.  During events, it’s highly recommended to buy more Etherium to be able to farm more event currency and gold. This is essential, because event stages are the best way to farm gold in the game. Farm as much as possible during running events. Note that you can buy more Etherium at your own discretion; just manage your resources wisely.

Use the Supply Shop to get tickets, gacha and other materials needed to progress.

(Red Text) : In the shop you have a chance to get blue tickets, so it’s recommended to refresh the shop daily. And you need to prepare gold to purchase them.

The supply shop has random items which reset periodically. Items are purchased using diamonds / money (depends on items). All sorts of items pop up in the shop, such as  craft materials, notebooks, level up notebooks, skill enhancements, core skills, or even gacha tickets. We can reset the items in the supply shop 5 times a day, using diamonds (15 gems per refresh). It’s recommended to refresh your shop, as you can get gacha tickets for much cheaper there. In addition, you can also buy other materials you may need as you refresh. Make sure you have enough resources to buy what you need in the shop before refreshing.


Consider buying the weekly purple binary pack / monthly gold binary pack.

Binary is used to equipment substats/stats. For the Purple Binary Pack, you will get 150 Purple Binary for 790 diamonds, which can be purchased 3 times a week. The purple binary pack is normally priced at 20 diamonds per piece, and if you buy 150 pieces, it is equal to 3000 diamonds, which means that the purple binary pack is 2210 diamonds. A nice value pack.

As for the Binary Gold Pack, you will get 30 gold binary for 1000 diamonds. You can buy it only once per month. If you buy it at the normal price, it’ll be 100 diamonds each (30 pieces = 3000 diamonds compared to 1000 diamonds for 30 from the gold pack). Buying these packs will be up to you, as they do offer good value, but these materials can be farmed. So purchase at your own discretion if you’re F2P. 

Where do you farm money/gold?

You can farm money from various events and Supply Operation stages, but during the SEA server opening, there may be no event stages to farm, and you may not have unlocked the Supply Operation stages yet. Because of this, money will be harder to come by during the beginning. You can consider doing Free Contract because the independent contract checkpoints such as tasks give you decent money (But not as worthwhile as Supply Operation and event stages).

There are a lot of role classes. One team can have up to 8 units; how should I setup my team?

You should have 2 Defender class units for tanking, 1-2 Striker class units to counter Rangers, and 3 or more Ranger class units because the Ranger is the team’s main dps. Finish off with one sniper class unit to target strikers. Supporter, Tower, and Siege units are optional (Early game, supporters are not required). 

Example of a basic team arrangement

Note: You do not need to set up a team like this exactly, simply mix and match to see what you like. This is just a basic team example for beginners that emphasizes balance, and will allow you to clear the story smoothly.

Additional tips for teaming up

The highlighted red square is our team’s average cost, or our team’s average cost. You should aim to keep this value under 3.50 to balance out the costs. This is so you have a good “fluidity”, or balance between being able to spam units, and summon stronger units. There are units such as Lin Shien and Sigma which can restore summons, but even with those units, you should aim to keep costs below 3.50.

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