[Counter:Side] Classified Contract Guide|All you need to know about

This Guide is written & compiled by Antillar#7066 & styx#0037 from the [] English Discord Community, all rights belong to them.

I. Introduction

Classified Employment Contracts (CEC) are a type of currency in COUNTER:SIDE used specifically for the recruitment of Awakened units. If you’ve played E7, the system is analogous to mythic summons and moonlight heroes.

Awakened units are typically much more powerful then units recruited using the regular blue Employment Contracts (EC). As a result, CECs are much less common and can be more than twice as expensive per pull.

The aim of this guide is to break down and outline the most efficient and cost-effective methods to accumulate CECs no matter what type of player you are, and hopefully help you obtain your desired Awakened units at a reasonable pace.  

I realize that a lot of this guide is a bit dry and math-y. Sorry! Work influence…

If there are any questions, comments, or corrections feel free to let me know. (styx#0037)

II. Definitions & Assumptions

Before we get into the specifics, I would like to list a few things that are key to understanding everything else that follows in this guide.


The SSR rate for Awakened banners is 1% for the rate up SSR unit, and 2.5% for off rate SSR units.

I created a script in matlab that simulates pulling up until either the rate up SSR is pulled or pity (150 pulls) is reached. The results as follows were summed up over 100,000 iterations:

Rate Up SSROff Rate SSRSRR
Total # Pulled7776719556911704156357195


Basically, this means that the average number of pulls it takes to get exactly 1 copy of the rate up SSR is ~78. Additionally, we can see that only 77,767 rate up SSRs were pulled in 100,000 iterations. This means that the pity was hit 22,233 times (approx. 22.2% of the time).

This does not mean that you will pull the rate up SSR within 78 pulls!

Instead, it means that over time you will find that your cumulative CEC pulls approach 78 pulls per rate up SSR.

Currency Conversions

Please assume that all real money values are in USD.

per Coinper Quartzper USD1 unit / $
Admin Coin0.9082.01 $            0.0122
Quartz1.1191.12 $            0.0110

These conversion rates were determined using the $99.99 Admin Coin pack and the 4500 Quartz pack. Of course there are packs with better conversion rates (like the monthly subscriptions, time-gated packs, or  one-time packs), but we will use the above table as the standard due to the fact that these packs can be bought infinitely.


  • Each pull on an Awakened banner requires 20 CECs.
  • Unlike standard recruitment banners, the pity counter does not reset between Awakened banners. For example, if you accumulated 50 pulls before the banner rotated then you will still be at 50/150 when the new banner opens.

III. Sources of Classified Employment Contracts

This has already been done, so I won’t take the time to reinvent the wheel. Credit for the below table from the discord server goes to RW.

For sanity’s sake, we will assume 30 days per month to keep the numbers nice and even.

The table is based on TW, so there may be a few discrepancies when compared to SEA, one of which is that SEA gets one free daily pull on the Awakened Banner. In general we can expect up to ~90 “free” pulls per month. Technically free because they can all be obtained without spending money. However, you will need to spend quartz and there is not enough free quartz to buy out the CEC quartz package weekly.

IV. Free to Play (F2P) & Light Spenders

Without spending a single quartz, players can reliably gather about 46 pulls per month. The actual number of monthly CECs will likely be greater due to in-game events, but at worst this would mean 3.3 months to accumulate enough CEC to pity.


By supplementing your CEC income with one 2750 quartz pack per month, the required time drops to 2.6 months.

If you were somehow able to scrape up an additional 2750 quartz through events/achievements etc. then the required time per pity drops to 2.2 months.

For light spenders (<$5/month), the most efficient way to accelerate your CEC gain would be to purchase the 30-day Quartz Supply Contract. This will guarantee a 2nd package, and give you a good shot at being able to purchase a 3rd, bringing the required time to pity down to as little as 1.9 months.  Over time this can be reduced even further, as the Admin Coins you accumulate from the supply contract can eventually be used to purchase the Weekly 2x Quartz Package. One additional thing to note is that you can sometimes buy CECs from the refreshable shop for 300 quartz per pull. Be warned that this is more expensive per pull than the weekly CEC quartz pack. However, if the CECs are discounted then it is worth picking up.    

Pack TypePulls/monthMonths/pityMonths/avg[1]QuartzUSD
Base463.261.700 $               –  
1 Package572.631.372750 $               –  
2 Packages682.211.155500 $               –  
3 Packages791.900.998250 $   4.99

[1] Months/avg represents the time to accumulate enough CECs for the pull average that was calculated in Section II.

V. Dolphins

We can now start looking at a few of the CEC packages and see how they compare to the weekly quartz package.

ContentsEquivalent Costs
Pack TypeTimeframeContractsQuartzQuartzAdminUSD$/Pull$/Pull w/ Quartz[1]
Quartz PackWeekly22002750.002475.00$     30.18 $     2.74 $     2.74
Pack 12x Weekly6070819.17737.25$       8.99 $     3.00 $     2.74
Pack 2Weekly2609504099.503689.55$     44.99 $     3.46 $     2.66
Pack 3Monthly54015008199.917379.92$     89.99 $     3.33 $     2.72

[1] Factors in the bundled quartz in each package when determining the cost per pull.

As you can see, the weekly quartz pack blows everything else out of the water purely in terms of pulls per $. However, the other packs will pull ahead if you factor in the quartz bundled with them. Regardless, the quartz pack will still be the most cost efficient due to the fact that you can significantly reduce the cost of quartz through the monthly contract and the 2x weekly quartz pack.

Buying all four weekly quartz packs should be the top priority. This will require 11,000 quartz to accomplish. Assuming you save every single bit of free quartz for CECs and have already purchased the quartz contract, you will be short around 4,000 quartz. A cost effective way to do this is by purchasing the admin coin contract, and converting the coins into quartz using the 2x weekly quartz pack.  

Breaking everything down, your income vs $ spent would look something like this:

Free Quartz400000  $              –
Quartz Contract30004000  $                4.99
Admin Contract032000  $              12.99
2x Quartz Pack4400-22000  $              –
4x CEC Quartz Pack-11000044  $              –
Total400140044  $              17.98

This will allow you to buy all four weekly quartz packs. As a bonus, you will have 400 quartz and 1400 admin coins left over each month. This means that you can forego purchasing the Admin Contract every third month, and one 2x Quartz pack every 11 months. When you factor all of this in, the effective cost for purchasing all four CEC quartz packs each month is $11.42.


With all four CEC quartz packs in your possession, the total time to hit pity is a cool 1.7 months.

The only thing you can do to further accelerate your CEC gain is to buy more packs. Pack 1 is the best if you don’t care about the quartz, but Pack 2 has the best value overall.

The table below has a few combinations to give you a general idea as to how the packs will affect time to pity.

Pack TypePulls/monthMonths/pityMonths/avg[1]QuartzUSD
Base901.670.8711000$   17.98  
4x Pack 11021.470.7611000$   53.94  
8x Pack 11141.320.6811000$   89.90
1x Pack 21031.460.7611000$   62.97
2x Pack 21161.290.6711000$ 107.96

[1] Months/avg represents the time to accumulate enough CECs for the pull average that was calculated in Section II.


With a large budget, it’s not a question of how much will it cost, but rather how much can I get? CECs can technically be bought infinitely through admin coins, but it is absurdly expensive ($3.66/pull) compared to getting the contracts through packs. The good news is that as long as you aren’t looking to pity multiple times per month and are willing to be a little patient, you will not have to touch your stash of admin coins.

Buying out all of the packs weekly can amass 147 pulls worth of CECs by the last weekly reset of each month for $398.28.

Pack Type# per MonthQuartzContractsPulls$/PullEffective Cost
Quartz Pack4088044 $    2.74 $   120.72
Pack 1856048024 $    2.74 $     65.778
Pack 243800104052 $    2.66 $   138.26
Pack 31150054027 $    2.72    $     73.53
5860147 $   398.28
AVG $ / Pull $       2.71

Note: this table assumes all quartz is purchased through the standard 4500 quartz pack. The savings from the included quartz in the CEC packs is baked into the effective cost.

If you want to guarantee pity on day one you will need to be prepared to spend a significant amount of admin coins. To simplify things a bit let’s assume you start with 160 quartz, but otherwise have zero resources at the start of a new month. For exactly 150 pulls, you would need to spend $502.92 and would have 1080 admin coins left over at the end.

Pack TypeQuartzCoinsPullsCost (USD)
In Possession16000 $             –
Daily Pull001 $             –
2x Pack 114006 $               17.98
Pack 2950013$              44.99
Pack 31500027$           89.99
Quartz Pack-2750011 $             –
Admin Coin CECs0-2760092 $             –
3x 8200 Coin Packs0246000$         299.97
4080 Coin Pack040800 $               49.99
Total01080150$         502.92


Refer to Section II for assumptions on pricing.

General strategy is as follows:

  • Buy out the weekly 2750 Quartz Classified Employment Contract (CEC) packs first.
  • Take advantage of monthly contract quartz and admin coin packs to get the most value.
  • Convert admin coins to quartz using the 2x weekly quartz pack.
  • Average # of pulls = 78 and 22.2% chance to pity


F2P & Light Spenders: 

  • If not F2P, buy monthly quartz contract ($4.99)
  • Buy weekly quartz CEC packs as your quartz fund allows (usually up to 3)
  • Maximum of around 70 – 80 pulls per month
  • 2 to 3.3 months per pity depending on # of Quartz packs purchased


  • Buy monthly quartz contract and admin coin contract ($17.98)
  • Convert admin coins to quartz using the 2x weekly quartz pack
  • Use quartz to buy all weekly quartz CEC packs
  • Around 90 pulls per month
  • 1.7 months per pity


  • Quartz Pack > $50 CEC Pack > $10 CEC Pack > $100 CEC Pack > Admin Coin Pulls
  • Buying out every CEC pack nets you 147 pulls per month with an effective cost of $398.28
  • Admin coin pulls are a trap

Source: Counter: Side EN Discord Server