[Counter:Side] Beginners & Newbie Guide/Tier List (SEA)

Welcome to [] Beginners & Newbie Guide. My goal is to provide you with information and tips on what you should be concentrating early on and in the future. In order to get a head start without any prior knowledge of gameplay, I’ll keep it simple and explain certain things in detail if I feel it’s needed.

Counter side is a side scroller hero collector. The purpose of the game is to deploy your heroes and destroy the enemy base, whilst avoiding the destruction of yours. I will not be explaining basic gameplay mechanics as you’ll very quickly pick them up when you’re playing the game. However keep in mind the combat triangle advantages for easier stage clears if you’re ever struggling  Strikers > Rangers > Defenders > Snipers > Strikers etc.

Who to pick during 30 beginner rolls?

After you finish the tutorial, you’ll be presented with 30 character re-rolls, where you will always receive 1 SSR character, 3 SR characters, and 3 Rare characters and 3 Normal Rarity characters. The SSR characters will randomly rotate between the 6. Pick Kyle if you want to be efficient and have an easier time progressing in PVE, he’s also crucial for higher level daily dungeon awakening material farming, without him you’ll have a difficult time clearing the harder stages early on. If you rather play with waifu then is the second best pick. Esterosa, Elizabeth, Chinatsu, Chifuyu get outperformed by future heroes. Elizabeth/Chifuyu/Esterosa are decent picks though.

Recommended startup characters to level up

The characters outlined in green should be prioritized as they’re very good, despite the rarity all characters on the list are competent and viable.

*SSR Character Seo Yoon outlined in white is given for free at the end of chapter 1 main story. She is decent.

If the character you want to level is not on the list, feel free to level and play with them, it’s a game after all and you should be able to play as you want, with whoever you want without following a meta list, just make sure to read their skill descriptions (5th skill unlock drastically changes how the character plays). All characters and rarities have their niche uses one way or another along with a combination of strategies.

For example, you can build a viable Soldier based team that has units that buff soldiers as well as the specific ship/cruiser that provides them with extra buffs.

– Frequently asked questions

Is this game F2P friendly?

Yes, you only need the base character, dupes only save you resources and time, which are all farmable. The game also provides you with an opportunity to earn a lot of pulls. Lower rarity heroes are viable and great as well.

How is the SSR rate + Pity?

3,5% SSR pull rate, 150 pulls guarantees you one of the featured banner characters in case you don’t get them early. However the banner may have 2 characters and you’re not guaranteed to get both of them if you’re very unlucky.

Should I save my premium currency?

Yes, future SSR characters are very good, however grabbing Yang Harim during the launch banner would be good, as well as improve your overall roster with lower rarity heroes. You also get 10 task planet points for each pull that you do, which you should save and not buy extra pulls with. As few months into the game you’ll be able to buy out an SSR Operator directly from the shop using 3,000 task point currency (300 pulls worth). Operators are Cruiser/Ship leaders that provide extra buffs. The Operator banner has terrible SSR rates at 1% and no pity.

Disclaimer: SEA will most likely be on an accelerated schedule with new heroes/banners every week.

I can’t stress the importance of saving your currency if you’re going to be an F2P player, if you spend all your currency and summons on getting launch SSR characters that you’ll highly likely get off banner later when more powerful heroes come out, you’re going to end up quitting the game if you’re a PVP focused player and want to stay competitive when new meta shifting units that are going to come out weekly.

Can I use emulator to play the game?

You shouldn’t because the game will have it’s own client for SEA at launch, which you will be able to download on their main website. To get smoother animations and gaming experience I suggest downloading the PC client and playing it there. If you’re having issues paying you could consider switching to emulator to get your purchases working.
MEmu + LD player are the best if you plan to play or on emulator for now.Bluestacks tends to crash the game.

DOWNLOAD PC CLIENT FROM THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/CounterSide.En/

Is this a main or a side game?

The game is going to be a main game until you unlock and catch up with all your characters and resources, and then it becomes a solid side game with plenty of events and added content over time. The main focus would also be the fun live PVP that the game has, if you enjoy something more competitive.

Does the game have auto battle?

Yes it will dim/darken your screen to save energy, but it will still run in real time in the background.

How long does it take to do all the dailies?

About 30 minutes.

Should I re-roll for extra SSR characters at launch,since we’re getting 10 pulls each day for 16days and 10x summon from the pre-registration bonus?

I would personally advise against it, but if you want to grab someone useful I would recommend grabbing Yang Harim. A support who’s still great for endgame raids/guild bosses/buffs/healing even in the KR version until now. Or try to get Gaeun first and do your pulls on Yang Harim and then start saving.