[Counter:Side] Comprehensive Gear Guide

Part 1. Basic knowledge about gears How to equip How to read gear options Which options are important Generally used gear set Part 2. How to farm gears Part 3. Exclusive gears in real use

[Counter:Side] Branch Guide – How to manage Branches?

1. How to manage a ? 2. Branch Facilities 3. Example of branch setup 4. Priority in branch mission reward

[Counter:Side] Eternium Guide, where should I use them?

1. Event - get more rewards 2. Main - to open upper contents 3. Side Story - until you get all side only characters 4. Supply - when you did all 1~3 but you have Eterniums left (check more details below)

[Counter:Side] Equipment Guide

This [] Guide contains How to equip item Which options should I look at How to play raid

[Counter:Side] Squad Composition Guide – How to make an effective squad?

This article includes Well-known mistakes you can do in early stage How to composite squad Core and Fusion core Effective cost management Supporters explained